The Cumberland Arms

Rapper’s symbolic home on Tyneside could simply not be forgotten. DERT 2019 would pale to insignificance if this holy site was not among those places where sword teams came to do battle, display their skills and do it all in the middle of the bar with about nine people stood on the outside benches looking in through the stained glass.

DERT in Newcastle, without the Cumberland arms, would simply not compute. Famously good beer, wooden floors forged from the very deck of the Barfleur itself and its walls magnanimously festooned with the trophies, awards and general revelry of multiple Northeast rapper teams.

The Cumberland Arms sits at the end of what was a terrace (Byker Buildings), built around 1860 so The Cumberland was operating as a beerhouse pretty much from the start. As a result of an act of Parliament in 1830, anyone could brew and sell beer on payment of a licence costing two guineas.

It was converted from a private house into a pub in 1898 and opened in 1899; however it didn’t get a full on-licence until 1956. The modifications in 1898 made the local newspapers as the result of a tragic accident when part of the building collapsed killing a workman called Matthew Fitzgerald. This has lead to the corner of the pub to the left of the fireplace in the main bar being known as “Dead man’s corner”.