The Old Coal Yard

Credit: The Old Coal Yard

The famous Northern Alchemy Micro-brewery has set their sights on a more fitting pedestal, from which they can purvey the purest of their delights to the North-east or indeed any wayward traveller lucky enough to stumble across their doors.

Credit: Block & Bottle/Meat Salt Smoke

Boasting music events, food to get sweaty over and carrying over the reputation of the masterminds behind the quality nectar served at the Cumberland Arms – this brewery and artisan space is a Coalhouse door you’ll not want to close, not cause there’s bairns inside (even though they are allowed) but because you’d be missing out on an absolute corker of a local venue. A wonderful addition to our series of dance pubs…

Credit: John Adams

This recent expansion of Northern Alchemy is still wet behind the ears, but already realising their potential and more in this awesome industrial-come-rustic setting. One of the best micro-breweries going on Tyneside + belting warehouse location + beer specifically crafted for DERT 2019 = yes please.