Pit Village Coach Tour

Hundreds of us will be at DERT 2019  in Newcastle – but how many can bore their pals with a myriad of stories about the places our dances began and what went on there?

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Your peers may have uttered mysterious place names such as Winlaton, Walbottle or Westerhope in deep conversations on the origins of rapper. But do they know which team danced with tiny cymbals in their insteps, or what the Amble team used clothes pegs for?

Now’s your chance to find out for yourself and bring all of this to life!

Your chance to find out comes on Friday 5th April, when DERT 2019 puts on an afternoon guided coach tour taking in as many of the villages which once had rapper traditions as we can fit in.  Legendary villages like Swalwell, where Cecil Sharp saw his first rapper sword dance back in 1910, and Earsdon where he went next. Not to mention Winlaton, Bedlington and Newbiggin-by-the-Sea.

We’ll take in all these places and, where possible, stop for a small libation and a practical demonstration of some of the dances in their original locations, courtesy of Sallyport.  A commentary will keep you entertained (or help you nod off) and informed on some of the local sword dancing and other history before we arrive back at DERT HQ some time between 5.30 and 6pm.

The tour will leave Newcastle at around 12.30pm, from a venue close to Central Station.  If you’re due to arrive around that time or maybe shortly after, and let us know as soon as possible, we’ll do our best to arrange to wait for your train.  

To book, email dert2019newcastle@gmail.comm as soon as possible.  Tickets will cost somewhere between £15 and £20 per seat, depending on numbers, and are strictly limited.  If the coach is full, there will be a reserve list and if there are enough it may be possibile to run a second coach.