Traditional Competition Rules

Competition Name

Traditional Competition

Competition Format

  • There will be 4 judges, 2 of whom will be assessing the performance in the same manner as the Main Competition, and 2 of whom will be assessing the performance in relation to submitted notations and researched the specific traditional dance. Each dance is marked by all 4 judges
  • Each team may enter a number of traditional dances however dances must be different. Second team entries will only be considered once the application deadline for entry has closed
  • Each dance is performed once
  • Evidence of how the dance was put together must be submitted in advance and will make up 50% of the available marks
  • The dance should be a performance not a re-enactment

Competition Awards

Traditional – Awarded to the team that gains the highest number of marks in the traditional competition including characters. (Trophy to be returned in the following year)

Competition Rules

As the main competition plus:

  • The dance performed in the Traditional competition must be considered Traditional
  • To be considered Traditional each dance must meet the following criteria:
    • The dance must be notated or recorded in some way
    • The dance needs to be from an identifiable geographical location in the North East of England and have been danced prior to 1949
  • Performers must only compete in 1 team in the traditional competition; however, this can be a different team to the main competition.
  • The judges’ decisions are absolutely final  

Competition Penalties

As main competition.

If the original notification requires a longer period than the standard option of 5 minutes the competing team has two options to not incur penalty

  1. Agree an extension to the time limit with the organisers in advance of the weekend.
  2. Opt to remove elements of the notated dance in order to stay within the time limit.

In both cases these alterations must be justified in their submitted notation.

Competition Entry Policy

Any team may enter the Traditional competition with a Traditional dance as outlined in the rules above

Entry into the Traditional competition will be done on a first come first serve basis during the registration period for DERT

In the case where more than 1 dance is submitted all submissions for the first dance will be granted where space is available and then second dances will be allocated

Competition Entry Category Allocation

There are no category allocations in the traditional competition